Rock Candy Bracelet

Rock Candy Bracelet
Rock Candy Bracelet
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Product Description

Rock Candy Bracelet
The bracelet is a 5mm, 1/2 round, sterling silver spring tention band with a 12mm / 6 carat size stone.

The Tanzanite color is shown as an example.

The stones are the same colors and size as in the rock candy rings.

Click on the inset picture for a close look at the hidden clasp.

Choose a stone, and your actual wrist size, and the bracelet will be custom made for you.

Use a garment measuring tape when choosing your wrist size. You can also use a strip of paper wrapped around the wrist. Mark the paper where it overlaps and measure the length with a ruler. I will add about 1/4 inch to the wrist measurement in order to make the bracelet feel comfortable when worn.