Morphic Designs takes pride in creating quality Skull Rings that are durable and highly detailed.

 Skull Rings
The Skull Rings are made utilizing the lost wax casting method. Each Skull Ring starts its journey as individual detailed wax model that transforms into precious metal through a replacement process. This complicated process requires the loss of the original wax model in order to gain the solid metal Skull Ring. Once cast, great care is taken to bring out the most detail and realism in the finished piece of Jewelry.

The articulated jaw on the Moving Jaw Skull Ring truly creates a wearable conversation piece and always brings a smile when demonstrated.

This is a sole owner/jeweler business. All work is done in the Napa Valley in the Morphic Designs studio.

Each ring is marked on the inside band with the copyright, type of precious metal and my hallmark.

Please have your finger sized for a wide ring, most jewelry stores can do this for you. Getting a accurate finger size is much appreciated.

I now offer the Skull Rings for larger finger sizes up to size 26. Please email me for a price quote for a skull ring larger than size 16 in the drop down menu.

The Skull Rings are custom made for the individual when the order is placed.